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What is Denso Cleverin Treatment for Cars? Everything You Need to Know

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Imagine stepping into a car and being greeted by a fresh, clean scent instead of the usual odour of car interiors. Imagine knowing that your vehicle's interior is not just clean, but effectively disinfected from harmful bacteria and viruses, providing a safer environment for you and your passengers. This is not a distant dream, but a reality made possible by the innovative solution known as Denso Cleverin Treatment for Cars.

denso cleverin treatment
denso cleverin treatment


Cleverin for Cars is an exceptional product developed through a strategic collaboration between Taiko Pharmaceutical and DENSO Corporation. By marrying Taiko Pharmaceutical's revolutionary Cleverin technology with DENSO's expertise in car ventilation, this product provides comprehensive disinfection and deodorization for vehicles. In this blog, we'll delve into what Denso Cleverin Treatment is, how it works, its benefits, and why it's a game-changer in promoting a healthier driving environment.

Explanation of Denso Cleverin Treatment for Cars

The Denso Cleverin Treatment is a user-friendly solution designed to ensure a clean and fresh environment within your vehicle. It utilizes chlorine dioxide-based technology to eliminate up to 99% of viruses, bacteria, and odour components. The product is easily activated and distributed within the vehicle cabin, providing a deep and long-lasting clean. Whether you are a daily commuter, a carpooling parent, or a professional driver, Denso Cleverin Treatment can significantly enhance your driving experience by ensuring a more hygienic in-car environment.

What is Denso Cleverin Treatment?

Cleverin for Cars can be defined as an innovative product that serves as a comprehensive solution for disinfecting and deodorizing vehicles. It leverages the power of chlorine dioxide, a potent disinfectant, to neutralize harmful pathogens and unpleasant odours in the vehicle's cabin. The application process is simple and user-friendly, making it an accessible tool for any driver seeking to enhance their vehicle's hygiene and freshness.

Discussion of the benefits and advantages of Denso Cleverin Treatment

why to get cleverin treatment
why to get cleverin treatment

The benefits of using Denso Cleverin Treatment are manifold. First, it offers effective elimination of viruses and bacteria. This is crucial in today's context where health and hygiene are of utmost importance. By reducing the risk of contamination and transmission, it creates a safer and healthier environment for drivers and passengers, promoting peace of mind during their journeys.

Second, it tackles odour-related challenges. Whether it's lingering food smells, cigarette smoke, or other unpleasant odours, Cleverin for Cars eliminates them at the molecular level, leaving behind a clean and fresh scent. This feature enhances the overall driving experience, making every journey more enjoyable.

Lastly, the integration of Cleverin with DENSO's car ventilation technology ensures thorough treatment. The disinfectant reaches every corner of the vehicle, including hard-to-reach areas, guaranteeing a comprehensive cabin cleanse.

How Does Denso Cleverin Treatment Work?

To understand how Denso Cleverin Treatment works, we must first delve into the science behind it. The main component of this product is chlorine dioxide, a chemical compound known for its disinfecting properties. When released in the vehicle cabin, it acts on a molecular level, attacking and neutralizing viruses, bacteria, and odour components. This ensures a thorough and deep purification process.

Explanation of the process and technology behind Denso Cleverin Treatment

Applying Cleverin for Cars is a simple process. Once the product is activated, it starts releasing chlorine dioxide into the vehicle cabin. This gas, thanks to DENSO's car ventilation technology, gets distributed throughout the vehicle, reaching even the smallest crevices. As it comes into contact with viruses, bacteria, and odour components, it neutralizes them, effectively disinfecting and deodorizing the entire cabin space.


Denso Cleverin Treatment for Cars, borne out of a collaboration between Taiko Pharmaceutical and DENSO Corporation, is indeed a game-changer in the automotive world. It represents a significant leap forward in creating a cleaner, fresher, and healthier driving environment. As we navigate through these challenging times, products like Cleverin for Cars underline the importance of health and hygiene, helping us create safer spaces for ourselves and our loved ones. So, next time you step into your car, remember, a healthier, fresher ride is just a Cleverin Treatment away!

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car aircon servicing plus cleverin treatment
car aircon servicing plus cleverin treatment

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Caltex Havoline autoPro Workshop at 3781 Jalan Bukit Merah
Caltex Havoline autoPro Workshop at 3781 Jalan Bukit Merah

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