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Everything You Need to Know About Singapore Land Transport Authority Car Inspection

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

For any motorist in Singapore, getting their vehicle inspected by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) is an integral part of owning a car. These inspections are not just legal requirements but also crucial safety measures that ensure all vehicles on the road are in good working order. Whether you're a long-time car owner or you're considering buying your first vehicle, understanding the LTA's car inspection process is essential. This comprehensive guide will provide you with everything you need to know about the Singapore Land Transport Authority's car inspection.

car inspection
car inspection


Overview of the Singapore Land Transport Authority Car Inspection

In Singapore, it's mandatory for vehicles to go through regular inspections after they reach three years old. The frequency of these inspections increases as the vehicle ages, with cars older than 10 years requiring annual checks while those between 3 to 10 years require checks every 2 years. The aim of these inspections is to ensure that all vehicles on the roads are maintained in roadworthy conditions and are safe for both the driver and other road users.

The vehicle inspections are carried out by authorized personnel at Land Transport Authority-Authorised Inspection Centres (AICs), ensuring a thorough and professional assessment. The inspection covers a wide range of vehicle aspects including brakes, tyres, engine, exhaust system, and more.

What is Singapore Land Transport Authority Car Inspection?

Explanation of the purpose and process of the inspection

The primary purpose of the Land Transport Authority car inspection is to ensure that vehicles on Singapore's roads meet safety and environmental standards. When a car is regularly inspected, potential issues can be detected early and rectified, reducing the risk of breakdowns and accidents. If a vehicle fails the inspection, it will not be able to renew its road tax and, hence, will not be allowed for use on the roads.

The process begins when the vehicle owner receives a notice from the LTA, informing them that their vehicle is due for inspection. The owner then takes their vehicle to an authorised inspection centre where a qualified inspector conducts a comprehensive check of various components of the car. If the car passes the inspection, it's deemed roadworthy and the owner can continue using it until the next scheduled inspection.

Discussion of the importance of passing the inspection

Passing the LTA car inspection is not only a legal requirement, but it's also a vital part of ensuring the safety of all road users. A vehicle that passes the inspection has been confirmed to be in a condition suitable for road use. This reduces the likelihood of accidents caused by mechanical failures, contributing to the overall safety of Singapore's roads. Furthermore, vehicles that don't pass the inspection are not allowed on the roads and cannot renew their road tax, meaning there are legal and financial consequences for failing to meet the required standards.

Checks conducted during the inspection

Explanation of the various checks conducted during the inspection

The LTA car inspection is a rigorous process that assesses several aspects of a vehicle. These include the lighting equipment, steering system, braking system, suspension system, tyres and road wheels, engine and transmission, and other general items. These checks are designed to ensure that every key component of the vehicle is functioning correctly and safely.

Some specific tests include the Chassis Dynamometer Smoke Test (CDST), which measures exhaust emissions from diesel-driven vehicles. This test is an additional requirement for all diesel vehicles due to the environmental impact of diesel emissions.

undercarriage check
undercarriage check

Discussion of the requirements for each check

Each check during the LTA car inspection has specific requirements that the vehicle must meet. For instance, the lighting equipment check ensures all lights are functioning properly and are correctly aligned. The steering system check involves assessing the vehicle's ability to steer straight without excessive wheel play.

The braking system check ensures that the vehicle can stop effectively within a certain distance, and the suspension system test verifies the vehicle's stability and comfort. Tyres and road wheels are checked for wear and tear and correct inflation, and the engine and transmission are examined for leaks, noise, and other signs of potential problems.

The requirements for these checks are based on safety standards and regulations set by the LTA and must be met for a vehicle to pass the inspection.

Regular servicing to ensure you pass the inspection

Explanation of the importance of regular servicing

Regular servicing of your vehicle is paramount to passing the LTA car inspection. Regular maintenance ensures that your vehicle is always in good condition, reducing the chances of sudden breakdowns or failures. It allows for early detection and fixing of potential issues before they become significant problems that may lead to failing the LTA inspection.

Discussion of the maintenance tasks that should be done to pass the inspection

To keep your vehicle in top shape for the inspection, there are several maintenance tasks you should perform regularly. These include oil changes, brake checks, tyre rotations and pressure checks, fluid level checks (e.g., coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid), and general visual inspections for any signs of damage or wear. Regular servicing by a professional mechanic can also help detect potential issues that might not be visible to the untrained eye.


Regular vehicle maintenance is crucial in ensuring your vehicle meets the inspection requirements, thereby avoiding potential legal and financial repercussions. By understanding this process, motorists can ensure their vehicles remain roadworthy and contribute to the overall safety on Singapore's roads.

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