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Dummy's Guide: 3 simple car maintenance / car servicing tips

Get to Know Your Vehicle

Maintaining a vehicle is akin to taking care of a living organism; it requires attention, understanding, and regular check-ups to ensure longevity and reliability. The benefits of regular car servicing are manifold. Firstly, it ensures that your car runs efficiently, which can save you money on fuel. Secondly, it can catch problems early before they become more significant and expensive issues. Finally, a well-maintained car provides peace of mind, knowing that it is less likely to break down and leave you stranded.

Tip #1: Regular Oil Changes

The lifeblood of any car engine is its oil. It lubricates the engine's moving parts, minimizes wear, dissipates heat, and helps keep the engine clean by preventing build-up of sludge and carbon deposits. Regular oil changes are crucial for the health of your vehicle. The frequency of oil changes can depend on the manufacturer's recommendations, the type of oil used, and your driving habits. However, a general rule of thumb is every 5,000 to 8,000 km.

Consistent oil changes contribute to vehicle reliability by ensuring that the engine runs smoothly. Old, dirty oil can cause increased friction in the engine, which can lead to overheating and potentially serious damage. By keeping your oil fresh, your engine remains cool and operates at an optimal performance level. This simple maintenance task is one of the most cost-effective ways to prolong the life of your car and ensure its reliability.

Engine oil
Havoline® ProDS Fully Synthetic LE SAE 5W-40 Engine OIl

Tip #2: Tyre Maintenance

Tyres are the sole point of contact between your vehicle and the road. Proper tyre maintenance is pivotal for safety and for the overall health of your car. Ensuring correct tyre pressure, regular rotation, alignment checks, and timely replacement when the tread becomes too worn is essential. Correct tyre pressure can help prevent blowouts; it also ensures optimal traction and fuel efficiency. Rotating tyres helps even out the wear and extends their life. Alignment checks prevent uneven tyre wear and can improve handling and fuel economy.

car tyre services

Tip #3: Change parts with common wear and tear

Certain car parts are more susceptible to wear and tear due to their critical role in vehicle operation. One such part is the spark plug. Spark plugs ignite the air/fuel mixture in the combustion chamber, and over time, they can become fouled or corroded. This can lead to engine misfires, reduced fuel efficiency, and increased emissions. Depending on the type of spark plug and the vehicle's engine, spark plugs should be replaced approximately every 50,000 to 160,000 km. Replacing worn parts like spark plugs is essential for maintaining your vehicle's performance and reliability.

spark plug
spark plug

Wrapping Up - Car Servicing

In conclusion, understanding the importance of regular vehicle servicing is the key to ensuring its reliability. These three tips—regular oil changes, tire maintenance, and replacing parts prone to wear and tear—are the cornerstone of good vehicle maintenance. By following these guidelines, you can keep your car running smoothly for years to come.

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Caltex Havoline autoPro workshop at 3781 Jalan Bukit Merah
Caltex Havoline autoPro workshop at 3781 Jalan Bukit Merah

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