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Your Trusted Car Servicing Partner

Car workshop conveniently located at Caltex (3781 Jalan Bukit Merah).

We service your car, you relax, then come collect a car as good as new

-car servicing package

-aircon servicing

-car battery, tyres, engine oil etc

car workshop and service at bukit merah

Operating Hours: 



(excluding public holiday)

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car servicing package
Car Aircon Servicing
Car Services

What We Offer

Signature Servicing Bundle  - car servicing package ($118)

reliable car workshop and mechanic
  1. Free oil filter

  2. Computer diagnostic check using professional scan tools

  3. 36-points of service inspections and checks including:

    • Oil Changes

    • Fluid Services

    • Tune Ups

    • Check and pump all tyres

  4. Vehicle interior vacuum cleaning

car mechanic servicing car

Tyre Services

  1. Tyre Balancing

  2. Tyre Rotation

  3. Wheel Alignment

  4. Wheel Replacement

  5. Tyre Replacement

  6. Tyre Patch

Car Tyre

Engine Services

engine oil change / engine oil servicing
  1. Engine oil change

  2. Belt & hose replacement

  3. Fuel system maintenance

  4. Ignition system maintenance

  5. Engine replacement

  6. Engine performance check

  7. Fuel injection service

car mechanic with tool for car servicing

Other Services

  1. Car Aircon service

  2. Car Battery Replacement

  3. Wiper change

  4. Brake and lamp inspection

  5. Car Spare Parts

  6. General car service / car servicing

Car Battery
Car Workshop Bukit Merah

What Our Customers say about our car workshop

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